Tent Space Calculator

Tenting provides a great way to create additional event space while simultaneously allowing your guests to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Love Shine Rentals offers a wide variety of tent sizes to accommodate your event needs. 


Tent Weddings and Garden Parties

The typical wedding or garden party under a tent or canopy will require space for guests to be seated at round tables, as well as space for buffet, head tables, bars, and dance floors. Although every party has unique requirements, the general rule for this type of party is to allow 15 square feet per guest.

Cocktail Parties

Since there is not the need for as much furniture at a cocktail party, minimal seating, smaller food stations, etc.) the space allowance can be reduced to 10 square feet per guest.

Ceremony or Row Seating

For wedding ceremonies or public assemblies, one must allow for the chairs, space between the rows, aisles, and the space required for the podium and / or stage. The suggested allowance is 8 square feet per person.


Tent Size Estimates - Please remember no two functions are alike. Each purpose deserves to be looked at individually so that the exact size of the space can be determined based on your personal needs and preferences.